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Our Capabilities

Every piece is bespoke, we use a combination of stones, metals and various styling techniques to craft jewelry that suits your unique aesthetic.

Stone Options

Graded and carefully selected based on a number of factors.


We work with diamonds of various cuts, colors and carats. Our Diamonds come in natural, lab created, and synthetic.


We can work with pearls in various sizes and shapes. These pearls can be natural or cultured and have four color varieties.

Other Stones

These stones and shells can be rocks or other semiprecious minerals. Uncut, faceted, or cabochon are all viable options.

Metal Options

Choose between our variety of metal options.

Gold (Au)

Comes in a karat indicator showing the ratio to pure gold which is 24KT. Different karats are recommended for certain pieces.

Silver (Ag)

We offer three different types of silver: Sterling silver, fine silver and Argentium silver. The choice of your silver is based on your preference.

Platinum (Pt)

Platinum is highly unreactive, precious, silver-white transition metal. This is great for rings.


We offer multiple ways of styling your custom piece.


Your piece is modeled in wax, made into a plaster form, then poured with molten metal.


Your piece is made from sheet metal and wire. Can be more labor intensive.


High polish, matte, textured, and more.